Luxury bunkers are a booming business in Trump’s America

Back in January, aka when the 45th president was inaugurated, LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman told The New Yorker he thought roughly 50% of his billionaire tech buddies had turned into preppers. Now there’s a company to cater to them–building luxurious bunkers to help you survive the apocalypse in style.

Canadian website Global News took a long look at the luxury bunker industry, and it turns out that if you’re going to sit out the end of the world (or at least stay underground for 72 hours until the radioactive fallout diminishes), you’re going to need a pool—and a screening room, a gym, a dog park, and maybe a waterslide. The cost? Around $3 million. Of course, these are folks who drop their kids off at school in $135,000 Teslas and buy $11 million watches.

If you think this is just one or two paranoid billionaires, according to American bunker manufacturer Rising S Company, they’ve had a 200% increase in sales this year compared to 2016. (We reached out for more concrete numbers, but haven’t heard back yet.) And considering the president’s current stance toward North Korea, chances are bunkers are a growth industry. Read the full story here after you take a tour of the “Luxury Survival Condos” via the video below: