You can finally put your baby on the Paleo diet

With baby food increasingly mimicking adult food, is it any wonder that babies can now munch on adult-style fad diets?

Meet the latest infant startup: Serenity Kids–meat purees that are essentially the world’s first Paleo Diet-inspired baby food. The so-called “cavemen diet” is high in fat and protein, and lacks all forms of dairy, grains, soy, and legumes.

Founders and paleo followers Serenity Heegel and Joe Carr said they were inspired to start their own direct-to-consumer company after realizing they weren’t able to feed their child what they ate on a daily basis. Now, little ones everywhere can consume pouches of “100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef with organic sweet potato” or “pastured uncured bacon that has organic butternut squash and organic kale.”

The baby food market has become increasingly competitive of late, with multiple startups and home delivery companies aiming to take a bite out of parents’ growing nutrition concerns. There are startups dedicated to all kinds of tastes and needs: vegetarian, organic, locally sourced, even pouch-less (which some say are bad for a baby’s development–and the environment).

Serenity Kids claims it’s already pre-sold 400 cases (1,800 pouches), even though it does not officially launch until later in the month.RR