Here’s the latest on that Google anti-diversity memo

Here’s the latest on that Google anti-diversity memo
[Photo: Vincent Isore/IP3/Getty Images]

It was a long weekend for Google, and it’s likely to be an even longer week. In case you needed to get caught up on the cycle of controversy and backlash surrounding a Google engineer’s internal anti-diversity memo, here’s a recap:

• Early Saturday morning, Motherboard wrote about an internal document that had gone viral within the company and was prompting angry tweets from Google employees. The document penned by an unknown Google engineer argued that the company should embrace “ideological diversity” (i.e., stop alienating conservatives) as opposed to diversity based on race and gender. Full Article Here.

• By Saturday afternoon, Gizmodo had published entire the 3,000-word document. The memo’s author (still unknown to the public) lays out detailed arguments for why gender disparity in tech is more about biological differences between men and women than sexism. Full Article Here.

• Two senior Google executives denounced the memo internally: Danielle Brown, the company’s newly hired VP of diversity, and Aristotle Balogh, an engineering VP. In a statement to Reuters, Google said Brown’s and Balogh’s comments would stand as the company’s official statement on the matter. Full Statements Here.

• Some prominent women in tech have since weighed in on memo, including entrepreneur Elissa Shevinsky and engineer Cate Huston, both of whom wrote Medium posts.

• The Verge is out with a story this morning about how some employees within Google’s ranks secretly agree with the memo.

• Monday afternoon, Motherboard posted the memo in its entirety–including all the citations and charts. Full Article Here.

• Late Monday, Recode reported that the employee who wrote the memo was fired for violating company code of conduct by “advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.” Full Article Here.

• We’ll post more updates here as they happen. Meanwhile, the discussion continues on social media.