Facebucks: What It Would Look Like If Brands Had Their Own Currency

As depicted in the thinly veiled cinematic fiction of The Circle, tech companies like Facebook and Google contain their own miniverses. They have housing, transportation and all manner of lifestyle options for their employees to peruse. These companies are like insular nation-states unto themselves, grafted upon the physical geography of America and the digital geography of the globe. They might as well have their own currency.

French graphic designer Jade Dalloul has now made that prospect a reality. His latest project is called Brand Currency, and it depicts what it would look like if companies produced their own dollars and cents.

The money comes in denominations ranging from 1-500, festooned with the visage of their founders. Although most of these brands hail from the tech world, inescapable companies like Starbucks are represented as well. The money itself looks legit enough that it’s easy to imagine spending it–and pondering what it would mean if it really did exist is where the art in this project really happens.

Look through the slides above to see what it might look like if companies that basically have a license to print money actually did so.

[via DesignBoom]JB