Six surprising milestones from Apple’s quarterly earnings call

Without much pomp and circumstance Apple CEO Tim Cook was on the mic in Apple’s quarterly earnings call with analysts, and he had a lot today. Here are some of the more surprising factoids he quickly spat out regarding Apple’s quarter (and upcoming quarter).

  • Apple is expecting a big September-ending quarter, with $49-$52 billion revenue, suggesting that it expects strong sales of the iPhone 7s and 7 Plus, and possibly of the new (tenth anniversary) iPhone 8.
  • iPad sales have been suffering for a long time, but we saw some light today. Unit sales of all iPads were up 15%. However, revenue up only 2%, which suggests they sold a lot of the new budget-priced $329 iPads. Those iPads sold very well into the U.S. education system, however, with sales up 32% from the year ago quarter. Apple has been increasingly challenged by Google’s Chromebook in the education space.
  • Apple has now sold 1.2B iPhones in total since the launch of the device a decade ago, Cook said.
  • This is very important for Apple, because the devices are vending machines for the company’s burgeoning services business, which now accounts for about 10% of Apple’s revenue now. The services business grew by 10% from a year ago. Apple reported more than 185 million paid subscribers to Apple services, up 20 million from three months ago.
  • Mac sales were up 7% year-over-year, despite a contracting global PC market.
  • Apple Watch sales were up 50%.

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