Buy some merch on Bandcamp today and help support transgender rights

If Bandcamp’s last politically conscious fundraiser was any indication, today will be a busy day on the music site. The company announced earlier this week that all of its proceeds from music and merch sold on the service today will go to the Transgender Law Center.

In response, over 200 labels and artists agreed to donate their share of proceeds to the TLC as well. Bandcamp normally takes a 15% share from digital music sales and 10% from merchandise. Today, 100% of that money (for a sizable chunk of the music available on Bandcamp anyway) will go to support transgender rights advocacy and litigation as the U.S. military grapples with the implications of a seemingly poorly thought-out tweet from Donald Trump declaring a ban on transgender people serving in the military.

Earlier this year, Bandcamp ran a similar one-day fundraiser in support of the ACLU and estimated that it sold about $1 million worth of music (550% more than normal).

Let’s be real: You weren’t going to get anything done on this summer Friday afternoon anyway. Why not kill time perusing the virtual merch table at Bandcamp and support a good cause?