James Franco’s Movie About The Worst Movie Ever May Have The Best Cast Ever

The first trailer for the long-awaited “Disaster Artist” is here, with a sprawling cast that needs to be seen to be believed.


WHAT: The Disaster Artist teaser trailer, which gives a hint of how a movie about a bad movie might end up very good.


WHO: Director and star James Franco, along with a cavalcade of comedians and actors discussed below.

WHY WE CARE: The Room has secured a reputation as the best worst movie of all time. While some may cling to their Plans 9 From Outer Space, Tommy Wiseau’s master POS still steadily packs midnight screenings with fans of its staggering ineptitude. The consensus on The Room is that everyone involved, at every moment, made the exact wrong decision–the cinematic equivalent of pitching a no-hitter, but the opposite of that. The circumstances behind this majestic monstrosity were chronicled in the book, The Disaster Artist, which has been in the process of adaptation for years.

The first trailer for the James Franco-helmed magnum opus dropped today, and should assure anyone on the fence that they’re in for a treat. Fans of The Room and newbies alike will get a sense of just how Tommy Wiseau ended up delivering one of the most stunningly flat performances ever. (Apparently, he spent so many takes trying to nail his lines that when he finally did get the right words in the right order, the take was deemed acceptable no matter how bad the delivery.) However, the trailer holds back one detail from the film that might pique fan interest even further: the sprawling breadth of its impressive cast.

Franco bros James and Dave topline the film, along with frequent collaborator Seth Rogen. These three have been on board since day one, but between then and now, seemingly everyone who has ever worked with the trio has signed on to appear as well. The co-stars and cameos in The Disaster Artist form a galaxy of stars so vast it could fuel a year’s supply of podcast guests. (Directors Judd Apatow and J.J. Abrams also make appearances.) Have a look below at this promising roster and get further stoked for the December 8 release date.

James Franco
Seth Rogen
Dave Franco
Alison Brie
Zoey Deutch
Lizzy Caplan
Zac Efron
Bryan Cranston
Kristen Bell
Eliza Coupe
Josh Hutcherson
Sharon Stone
Adam Scott
Jason Mantzoukas
Kate Upton
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Ari Graynor
June Diane Raphael
Hannibal Buress
Melanie Griffith
Paul Scheer
John Early
Megan Mullally
Randall Park
Nathan Fielder
Zach Braff
Jerrod Carmichael
Casey Wilson
Brett Gelman
Kelly Oxford