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Oakley And VSCO Introduce Eye-Opening Photo Filters

Dreaming of shooting through Oakley’s dazzling Prizm lenses? The sunglasses giant and the team behind the app VSCO just created the next best thing.

Oakley And VSCO Introduce Eye-Opening Photo Filters

Artists, engineers, and programmers have been trying for years to crack the intersection of digital tech and real-world experiences. Some creations, like Pokémon Go, were an instant hit; others (think Google Glass), more of a curiosity. Now, Oakley and VSCO, an Oakland, California–based art and technology company, are introducing a novel experience that’s also downright practical: a way to see—and photograph—the world through Oakley’s breakthrough Prizm lens technology.


[Photo by Tiffany Tu]
The VSCO app’s new “Oakley presets” work like photo filters, digitally replicating the physical world through three of Oakley’s lenses: Prizm Sport Road, Prizm Tungsten, and Prizm Snow. Much like the actual sunglass lenses, which are designed and engineered for specific outdoor activities, the dazzling new presets filter out certain light wavelengths while deepening or intensifying other colors, based on the conditions.

Prizm Sport-Road lenses, for instance, help cyclists spot subtle changes and hazards on asphalt and other surfaces; even traffic lights are more vibrant. On the slopes, landscapes dominated by white and glare, cyans and reds stand out in Prizm Snow lenses, giving skiers and snowboarders a sharper visual field and a more immediate grasp of rapidly changing snow contours and textures. Prizm Tungsten is designed for everyday use and enlivens colors across the spectrum, while providing wearers with what Oakley calls “an enhanced visual experience.”

[Photo by Alex Strohl]
“We have spent years developing and fine-tuning Prizm lens technology and worked closely with the VSCO scientists to ensure that the presets accurately represent the same visual benefits of our lenses,” says Olaf Dunz, global marketing director at Oakley. “It is exciting to see our technology applied to another creative medium, allowing athletes and creators around the world to see the road, mountain, and everyday life more clearly.”

To illustrate how vividly the Oakley presets mirror the functionality of the patented lens technology, VSCO community members—Toronto-based photographer and creative director Nathalia Allen, French photographer and world traveler Alex Strohl, and Brooklyn-based cyclist and photographer Tiffany Tu—have made photos that epitomize Oakley’s popular #CantStop campaign. Through their imaginative use of the presets, Allen, Strohl, and Tu capture people at the height of their creative and athletic intensity.

[Photo by Nathalia Allen]
“We were able to match Oakley with authentic creators from the VSCO community based on the attributes they desired from a creative concept point of view,” says Gene Paek, vice president of marketing at VSCO, “while also ensuring they felt empowered to capture their outdoor obsessions with our custom presets.”

Like many breakthroughs, Prizm was a marathon of a project. Oakley spent 15 years researching, developing, and fine-tuning the complex technology—a third of the company’s entire history. The sunglasses giant had a clear vision: enhancing how people see. Now, with VSCO, Oakley has a nifty way to experience what they’re seeing.


Learn more about Prizm at Oakley, and download the VSCO app with the new Prizm presets here.

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