Twitter says its new anti-abuse efforts are working, but others aren’t convinced

For years, Twitter users have complained that the social platform doesn’t adequately protect users from abuse, and that the reporting system it uses is opaque. So earlier this year, the company pledged to crack down on this problem and completely revamp how it handles reported abuse. 

Today, Twitter published an update on its progress, indicating that, by some measures, the efforts are working. According to Twitter, it takes action on 10 times as many abusive accounts now compared to last year. The company also says that one solution—which puts first offenders into a sort of “time out” and tells them why they’re there—has produced promising results: 

“Accounts that we put into this period of limited functionality generate 25% fewer abuse reports, and approximately 65% of these accounts are in this state just once.”

The company admits there’s still a lot of work to be done, and anecdotal evidence on Twitter corroborates that. BuzzFeed, for example, looked into recent Twitter abuse situations that the new system did not protect against. In most cases, it took heightened public attention for Twitter to take action, instead of the abuse being handled by the system itself. When asked, Twitter declined to comment about those examples to BuzzFeed.

You can read Twitter’s blog post about the new anti-abuse system hereCGW