This Music Video Has a Trump Cameo–And a Connection To Trump Jr’s Meeting With a Russian Lawyer

Donald Trump actually appears in a Russian pop star’s music video, cementing his connection to the “Russian client” who set up Trump Jr’s recently revealed meeting.

This Music Video Has a Trump Cameo–And a Connection To Trump Jr’s Meeting With a Russian Lawyer

WHAT: A 2013 music video that certainly does not do much to bolster Donald Trump’s ongoing insistence that he has no ties to Russia.


WHO: Russian pop star Emin, “ft. Donald Trump and Miss Universe 2013 Contestants.”

WHY WE CARE: On the surface, the below music video just seems like glittery, worst-tent-at-the-Ibiza-festival gobbledygook. Upon closer examination, however, the Trump cameo adds further context to the weekend’s Trump-Russia bombshell.

On Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. admitted to taking a meeting last summer with a Kremlin-backed Russian lawyer, in hopes of gaining damning info on Hillary Clinton. His father, the President of the United States, quickly respond via a message from his personal attorney’s spokesman (!!!), claiming Trump himself “was unaware of the meeting and did not attend it.” That may indeed be the case, but as it turns out, Trump has more than a passing familiarity with the players behind the now-infamous meeting.

Junior said the rendezvous was set up by “an acquaintance I knew from the 2013 Miss Universe pageant,” later revealed to be music publicist Rob Goldstone. As ThinkProgress points out:

“Goldstone told the Post that ‘he had arranged the meeting at request of a Russian client.’ He refused to disclose the name of the client, but Goldstone is the manager for a Russian pop singer named Emin Agalarov.”


Surely, it is possible that another one of Goldstone’s clients, one who hasn’t featured Trump in a music video and whose father isn’t a billionaire developer who sponsored the 2013 Miss Universe pageant. But that seems highly unlikely. Especially since, again, as noted by ThinkProgress, Emin Agalarov told Forbes that “he has maintained contact with the Trump family.”

While you draw your own conclusions, please enjoy this horrible music video, the audio equivalent of a party bus with a built-in stripper pole.

[via ThinkProgress]

UPDATE: Rob Goldstone’s statement to MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts, confirming his Russian client EMin asked for a meeting with Donald Trump Jr.

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