Here’s everything Facebook says it’s doing to help journalists (and publishers)

The company published a lengthy post today giving a six-month updated on its Facebook Journalism Project. The project aims to establish stronger ties between Facebook and those in the news industry—and probably also aims to defuse the mounting tensions between it and publishers, who fear the social network has too much control as the gatekeeper of their content. In the post, Facebook breaks down the improvements it’s made to better supports publishers’ and journalists’ needs. They include:

• Instant Articles enhancements, including the ability to support simultaneous publishing on Google AMP and Apple News (coming soon) through the Instant Articles SDK

• an upcoming tool that will support subscriptions in Instant Articles

• an improved Rights Manager, which helps publishers better protect the rights to the videos they post

• the introduction of the Facebook for Journalists Certificate, a three-course curriculum designed by the Poynter Institute and Facebook.

• the introduction of Facebook Safety for Journalists resources, which teaches journalists how to protect their accounts and themselves on Facebook

Facebook also announced that its Instant Articles now pays out over $1 million per day to publishers via the Facebook Audience Network.MG