Theory is trying to win over hip millennial customers with Theory 2.0

Workwear brand Theory has just turned 20. It’s established itself as a go-to brand for clean, well-made clothes for professionals, but right now, it tends to do well with customers in the over-40 category. 

Founder Andrew Rosen is working to make the brand more attractive to the millennial market with a new program called 2.0. The idea is to help make the company, which has 284 stores globally and revenues of nearly $1 billion, feel more like a startup. The brand is encouraging talented young employees to bring their innovative ideas to the rest of the company. Employees are placed into small groups, which brainstorm plans for the company around, for instance, sustainability initiatives, philanthropy, and new products. 

The first idea to bubble up from this new program is a capsule collection targeting younger consumers. The brand will be using the same high-quality materials to create a selection of key products that can take customers throughout their day, from the office, to cocktails, to the weekend. We’ll be hearing about other initiatives soon.