We just like picturing Jeff Bezos wandering around an airport unable to find an outlet

Today in weird Amazon patents, the folks at GeekWire have uncovered a filing for a power-charging robot that comes to your aid in public places when the battery in your device needs a jolt. Here’s how the inventors describe the need they’re trying to fill:   

It can be quite inconvenient to a user when one of these devices runs out of battery power. This is especially true if the user does not have an available charging adapter for the device. Users may find themselves asking friends, or even strangers, to borrow a charging adapter.

The filing describes a fleet of robots that can be deployed in public places like malls or airports. And just to make sure the idea can be monetized, the description envisions ways to supplement the operating costs—like having the robot sell additional items or display advertising. Check out the full post from GeekWire. It’s the strangest Amazon patent you’ll see all day, even if it doesn’t place in the top 10 for the month.