Exclusive: Listen To MUTEMATH’s New Single “Stroll On”

The progressive rock band is here with the premiere of their new song from the upcoming album Play Dead.

Exclusive: Listen To MUTEMATH’s New Single “Stroll On”
MUTEMATH [Photo: Daniel Bowen]

WHAT: An exclusive stream of the song “Stroll On” from MUTEMATH‘s upcoming album Play Dead.


WHO: Paul Meany, Darren King, Todd Gummerman, and Jonathan Allen–collectively known as New Orleans progressive rockers MUTEMATH.

WHY WE CARE: The boys of MUTEMATH are back with their second release from their self-owned music label, Wojtek Records. “Stroll On” is a quintessential example of the subgenre of progressive rock MUTEMATH thrives in, with trippy instrumentation–a bouncing ping-pong ball, comical space noises, and the kick of an electric drum machine (that’s actually a real drum!)–all blending together for a elegantly smooth sound.

“Stroll On” has the same tones and sounds you might hear in a Phish, Grateful Dead, or Mars Volta composition, which obviously puts MUTEMATH in good company. The band took to Fast Company to premiere their new song, and because we’ve been navigating the music world a bit more frequently. We hope you all enjoy this song as much we do.

Exclusive: Head to to listen To @MUTEMATH New Single “Stroll On” FC: How does this record differ from the past albums? @PaulMeany, lead vocalist of MUTEMATH: This is the first record we've ever done where we were able to figure out how to remove all the guard rails for ourselves. From song forms to arrangements, sounds and mixes we really allowed ourselves to indulge in the breaking points of our abilities. It was a "no fill left behind," any chord goes type of policy at play. And I think we lucked out that there were still decent songs that emerged haha. Sometimes that's the part that gets sacrificed. "Stroll On', in particular, was a jam we recorded about 5 years ago when we started writing for our last record Vitals. We shelved it, probably because I didn't have a vocal idea for it. But when I did a shelf inventory for this new album, that track grabbed me by the throat and demanded a vocal. I'm not gonna curse this song and say it's my favorite (because when I do, that usually becomes a least favorite for fans), but just know that I don't not like this song a lot, and I don't not love what I find on the shelf sometimes 😉 [Photo: Daniel Bowen]

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