A sushi-delivering robot may soon roam the streets of Japan

Sushi-delivery robots are coming to Japan. The only question is: What took so long? Robot delivery service has already been tested in places like London and Los Angeles. Now, according to RocketNews24, Japan is finally getting in on the futuristic lunch action thanks to the Tokyo-based robotics firm ZMP

To make Japan’s robot-delivered sushi dreams come true, ZMP has teamed up with delivery company Ride On Express, which owns the popular sushi brand Gin no Sara. Starting in August, their new CarriRo Delivery robot, which bears a slight resemblance to Jake from Adventure Time, will bring sushi straight to customers’ doors. Because the laws on autonomous robots are still like the half-formed Beta units of the legal system, for now the robots will only roam around on private property, like office parks. But ZMP hopes to have its robots moving among pedestrians on regular sidewalks in the near future.

The chippy little robots can carry enough food for 60 people (or two teenagers) and is built to navigate pedestrian walkways, no human required. It uses cameras and laser sensors as it trucks along at about 3.73 miles per hour, which, as RocketNews24 points out, is about as fast as “a briskly striding human”—if humans would get off their duffs and briskly stride to get lunch. 

[Photo: ZMP]ML