Republicans are more likely to cry “fake news,” but they’re paying for it as much as Democrats

A new study from the American Press Institute looked at the news consumption patterns of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. The data comes from two sets of surveys of American adults, each with a sample size a little north of 2,000. 

The findings weren’t necessarily earth-shattering, but interesting and nuanced; Democrats are more satisfied with the news they consume, and are more likely to call it reliable, compared to their Independent and Republican counterparts. 

You’d think this would have an impact on paid news, but not so fast. Democrats and Republicans are “equally likely to pay for news, to get news from social media, to seek it out actively rather than passively, and to get news multiple times a day,” the report claims. All the same, even though they’re both likely to pay for news sources, Republicans are less satisfied with the news they pay for compared to Democrats. All of which indicates that, despite our political differences, we’re getting our news in similar ways. It’s how we react to it that differs. You can read the full report here

[Image: Media Insight Project]CGW