The first rule of meeting Zuck: You do not talk about meeting Zuck

Mark Zuckerberg wants everyone to know he’s an average guy, and he’s doing that by visiting every state in the union. He’s not running for president, mind you; he’s just frantically going from state to state and talking with people for the hell of it. Or because he wants to better understand the country his platform quietly controls. 

But as it turns out, there are rules associated with the Facebook CEO’s fun meet and greets. The Wall Street Journal reports that participants are not supposed to say if they know Zuck is coming, and they’re asked to not quote anything to reporters that Zuckerberg says. In fact, that’s right out of the Facebook PR playbook—the company’s been known to try and use similar tactics with media outlets that cover Facebook. Like many big tech companies, Facebook strives to maintain tight control over its image, and if it’s able to get people to agree to not quote its leaders without permission, it will seize that opportunity. Facebook PR, according to the Journal, told people who met Zuckerberg that if the press asked questions, they could refer to Facebook’s internal team.

So while we’re all dying to know exactly what Zuckerberg had to say at all the pig roasts and fish fries in Middle America he attended, rules are rules! 

[Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]CGW