Nike just launched a groundbreaking new sports bra

If you’re a Nike fan, you’ll likely remember the Flyknit Racer shoe that launched at the 2012 London Olympics. Nike’s scientists had engineered a new high-tech yarn made out of an incredibly strong but lightweight synthetic fiber. 

After the shoe launched, designers in the women’s training division began wondering whether Flyknit could be used to help solve the problems that women commonly experience with high-support sports bras: chafing, constriction, sweatiness. They developed a prototype and then put the new bra through 600 hours of rigorous biomechanical testing. They had female athletes wear the bra while attached to sensors that identified areas of high heat, sweat, cooling, and movement, to fine-tune the bra to the  needs of customers. 

The final bra, which is called the FE/NOM Flyknit bra, launches today. It weighs only 73 grams, which is 30% less than any other bra in the Nike range. It is knit as a single piece of material and contains only one seam, whereas other high support Nike bras can have over 40 parts and dozens of seams. It is designed to be soft and airy, but supportive, so that the bra does not distract from your sport.

Read the full story of the origins of the FE/NOM bra here. ES