Twitter’s former CEO says Silicon Valley’s “bro” culture is “probably way worse than we’ve seen so far”

Former CEO Dick Costolo made the comments to Bloomberg when asked about his take on the bro culture permeating the Valley. Costolo also said he would like to see the industry do more than simply sign the “decency pledge,” which was proposed by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman. The former Twitter CEO said investors should consider putting their money into startups that are led by women and people of color, which are less represented in the industry:

“The investors in some of these venture firms are simply ignoring it, or paying lip service to it and ignoring it, and funding some of these enterprises anyway. It’s widely understood that some of these issues were things that had been said in the background and yet new funds were raised.”

“I would like to see more of the LPs and institutional investors putting their money where their mouth is.”

[Photo: Flickr user Joi Ito]