• 06.13.17

Rap’s Best Lyrics About Money Are Actually Put To The Financial Test

Is it wise in this current economic climate to, as Jay Z puts it, “stack chips for the rainy day”? A financial services company decided to find out.

It’s common, if not mandatory at this point, for hip-hop artists to reference money in their songs. Whether it’s chasing, stacking, or blowing paper, rap and fiduciary matters have always been linked–but how sound is all that advice? We all know how influential hip-hop has been in music, fashion, and culture overall, yet financial services company believes there’s some fiscal acumen to be gleaned from rap lyrics.


“Financial Advisory” is a compilation of rap lyrics from artists including Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, and Missy Elliott that include advice on financial matters. Those lyrics were then “cross-referenced . . . against the prevailing financial wisdom” to provide a little guidance in this trying economy–however tongue-in-cheek that guidance may be.

Check out “Financial Advisory” here, where you can hear the lyric of the song and click for more information on its financial accuracy.

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