Donald Trump Jr. just tweeted this seemingly incriminating email about his meeting with Russian attorney

The New York Times has been reporting a series of blockbuster articles about meetings Donald Trump Jr. had with a Russian attorney during the campaign last year. Up until this morning, the Times reported that President Trump’s son had received an email informing him that the Russian government had obtained shocking information about Hillary Clinton, but hadn’t published the bodies of the emails. 

Today Trump Jr. himself tweeted what appears to be the message exchange—which included very explicit descriptions of Russia’s support of Donald Trump. Why did he send it? Who knows? He likely knew the Times had copies of the emails, too, and wanted to get ahead of the story. Still, the emails seem to show that he knew he was getting information from the Russian government that would sully Clinton. 

Here are his tweets: 

And here’s the New York Times’ coverage of the emails and meetings. CGW