Taylor Swift And Death From Above . . . In That Order: This Week In Music

Songs we are recommending this week, volume four.

Taylor Swift And Death From Above . . . In That Order: This Week In Music

We are back for another week in some sweet tuneage. We have narrowed it down to eight new songs for your playlists and speakers. Speaking of speakers, ICYMI: Apple announced the HomePod on Tuesday. We’ll keep things short so you can get back to saying “Okay, Google, tell Alexa to Ask Siri ‘Shazam this for me.'”


Track 1. Mura Masa & Desiigner – “All Around the World”

DJ/producer Mura Masa teamed up with the Brooklyn rapper, Desiigner for their new song “All Around the World.” As impressive as the song is, the music video deserves its own kudos, having been shot in just one take.

Track 2. Taylor Swift – “Better Than Revenge”

Ah, the return of our lady Taylor Swift. By releasing her entire back catalog to Spotify et al, she obviously intended the media to take up the job of overpowering Katy Perry’s new album Witness. Well, we the media will fall gloriously into that trap. As you peruse Swift’s 11-year career, take the time to enjoy simpler days. Use this gift to remember a time before “The Feud,” when Tay was more concerned with telling off cheating ex-boyfriends and encouraging Kanye West to be a better person. And then let’s thank Taylor for her endless pettiness and the thoughtfulness to know we needed a palate cleanser after suffering through months of Katy Perry gaffes and floppy singles. I’m so glad that feminism now lets us critique other women. Swish swish bish. — Recommended by P. Claire Dodson

Track 3. DJ Khaled & Drake – “To the Max”

This is just expected at this point: Drake and DJ Khaled are consistently dropping summer anthems, as a joint venture and independently. This latest item is a nice little dance jam. The volume needs to go . . . TO THE MAX on this one.

Track 4. Death From Above – “Freeze Me”

Canadian noise-rock duo Death from Above are now the artists formerly known as “Death From Above 1979.” The band has been kicking out the jams since as early as 2002, so taking a dive into their past tracks is highly recommended.


Track 5. TLC – “Way Back”

T-Boz and Chilli released the music video for their lead single “Way Back” from their fifth and final studio album TLC, due later this month. TLC has been slowly but surely creeping up on us with some new songs: In addition to “Way Back,” check out “It’s Sunny,” featuring an an Earth, Wind & Fire sample.

Track 6. SZA & Kendrick Lamar – “Doves In The Wind”

It’s been a long, painstaking trek filled with fake-out release dates and album title switches, but we’ve finally reached the alt-R&B nirvana that is SZA’s latest full-length release Ctrl. Following her 2014 EP Z (see what she did there?), SZA is entirely in her element with Ctrl‘s downtempo sizzle, see: “Doves in the Wind” featuring her Top Dawg Entertainment label-mate Kendrick Lamar. — Recommended by KC Ifeanyi

Track 7. MuteMath – “Hit Parade”

Psychedelic Rock group MuteMath released a behemoth of a record this week. Note: The last minute is a trip down 1970s nostalgia.

Track 8. David Guetta & Justin Bieber – “2U”


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is where we are now. Justin Bieber has traded Skrillex and Diplo for David Guetta. Let’s see how this plays out, as this new electronic R&B song has some big shoes to fill.

Bonus Track. Katy Perry – “Déjà Vu”

Today we saw the full release of the new Katy Perry album, and it was underwhelming. All of the great takeaways were already released as singles. The one plus from the 15 tracks of Witness is the song “Déjà Vu.”

With that, I leave you to it–so good ahead and pop in those headphones and take all of these tracks with you. Be advised we will be updating this Spotify listing every Friday.

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