Enter The “Hall Of Frames”: A Collection Of Music’s Most Iconic Eyewear

British eyewear and contacts brand Lenstore has compiled 40 of the most legendary frames from music’s biggest names.

WHAT: “Hall of Frames”


WHO: Lenstore

WHY WE CARE: One has truly ascended to a certain level of legendary when their eyewear is just as recognizable as their name. To prove it, British sunglasses and contacts company Lenstore created “Hall of Frames,” a collection of 40 posters featuring the famous frames of musicians. From Buddy Holly’s signature black spectacles in the 1950s to the futuristic shades of Will.I.Am in the 2010s, “Hall of Frames” spans decades to illustrate how styles have evolved–or in some cases, how history tends to repeat itself.

Click through all 40 frames in the slideshow above.

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