Fusion, which has sort of been the new Gawker, is now Splinter

Fusion, the undefinable culture news site owned by Univision, is rebranding as Splinter. Business Insider first broke the news, and it has been confirmed to Fast Company

According to a press release from Univision, Splinter will “serve as a news and politics site for a justice-minded, inclusive, and incisive audience.” BI reports that current Fusion (now Splinter) employees are befuddled by the rebranding. Rightfully so, in my opinion.

Fusion has long been a cautionary tale for new media travails and failures. It launched with much fanfare and a roster of many high-profile names, yet offered little explanation about what it exactly it was. For the last few years, Fusion has trudged along with a few refocuses and layoffs. Most recently it said it would report on social justice. 

When Univision bought Gawker (after the site filed for bankruptcy), it almost seemed like Fusion would serve as a place for some its writers who didn’t fit under the Gizmodo or Jezebel umbrellas. Though many of them have moved to Gizmodo‘s Special Projects Desk. Whatever it is, Fusion is now Splinter, which is owned by Univision, which owns Gawker. Long live Splunisionker.

With all the weird media rebrandings of late, one question remains: Which is the worst? Tronc, Oath, or Splinter? Be sure to vote below.