“Fear And Loathing” In The Perfect Pint Video: This Week In Music

Songs we’re recommending this week… Vol. 3.

“Fear And Loathing” In The Perfect Pint Video: This Week In Music
Mike Will Made It and Rae Sremmurd (Psst… it’s Ear Drummers backwards) are on a Road Trippy directed by Nabil.

In case you missed it, the President of the United States decided to bet against planet Earth! So before the world ends, we might have time for a couple more tunes.


Track 1. Mike Will Made-It, Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane, and Kendrick Lamar – Perfect Pint

Speaking of fear, one of our Most Creative People, Mike Will Made-It, dropped his homage to the gonzo classic “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” earlier this week. This single is off his collaboration album Ransom 2, which was released on March 24. The Nabil-directed music video includes everything from flying cars to dolphins and astronauts.

Track 2. Liam Gallagher – WonderWall of Glass

A Recommendation in the key of “Oasis – Wonderwall“:

♫ Today is gonna be the day that Oasis’s Liam Gallagher new hit is out.
By now you should’ve somehow realized the track was out since 5/31. ♫

Track 3. Halsey – Now Or Never

The stand out track on Halsey’s new album “hopeless fountain kingdom” is “Now Or Never.” For this item, let’s pretend that the lyrics are being sung out by Planet Earth, and it’s a cry for help. As the lyrics say “Baby gon’ love me now, now, now, now, now, now / Now or never.”

Track 4. Major Lazer, Travis Scott, Camila Cabello, and Quavo – Know No Better

Whenever Major Lazer releases a song, it’s like a punch to your ear. (Full disclosure: I once got punched in the ear during a Major Lazer show.) The electronic group dropped a surprise EP on early Thursday morning. A very anti-establishment statement, saying “I know new songs are for Fridays but . . . we want to release it now.” Resist!


Track 5. Lorde – Perfect Places

We are getting closer to the full release of the new Lorde album. The suspense for “Melodrama” is killing us over here! Sorry to be so dramatic. It’s been a week! While we wait, the Lorde has blessed us and made a 27-song playlist for Spotify. Be warned: “Perfect Places” is a super sad song behind the lyrics, about being let down by “your heroes.”

Bonus Track. Portugal. The Man – So Young

The lyrics on this latest single by Portugal. The Man are super eerie, given the current events in the news. It’s almost like you can queue this track up for the end-of-the-world party.

Pop in those headphones and take all of these tracks with you. Be advised we will be updating this Spotify listing every Friday, so it may not be evergreen. Come back to Fast Company every Friday for our weekly updates.

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