Women in Trump’s White House are getting paid like it’s 1980

We already know that the Trump administration hasn’t done much to improve the lives of women. 

Now a new analysis of median wages by economist Mark Perry of the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute reveals that not only are women in the White House staff paid less than their male colleagues, the pay gap has tripled since Trump took office. 

Trump’s White House pay gap of 37% is more than double the 17% national gender pay gap.  

Obama’s female staffers weren’t receiving equal pay either. The gender wage gap in his administration ranged from 16% to a high of 18%. However, Obama took measures to achieve parity, including new rules for companies to report salary data by gender and race. An executive order Trump signed on March 27 revoked this 2014 Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order.

To put it in perspective, the Trump White House gender gap is wider than what the national gender pay gap was in 1980.

[via The Washington Post]