Sephora just added Tristan Walker’s Form to its small but growing list of black-owned haircare brands

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about the launch of Form, Tristan Walker’s follow-up to his shaving brand, Bevel. As of today, the women’s haircare brand is available at; come this fall, Form products will be stocked in Sephora stores across the United States. 

This is Form’s first retail partner, and it’s a fitting one. As a prestige brand whose goal is to simplify haircare for all hair types, Form joins only a handful of black-owned haircare brands at Sephora that cater to women of color: Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture, Hairfinity, Earth’s Nectar, Qhemet Biologics, and Briogeo. It’s a missed opportunity considering black consumers spent about $2.5 billion on haircare products last year, according to Mintel.

Form offers a curated lineup of 10 items, including two shampoos, two conditioners, and six styling products. Sephora won’t provide a consultation to prospective customers—which I thought was Form’s most compelling feature—but that could change down the road, based on what Walker told me when we talked prior to Form’s launch.

“The consultation thing is so uniquely interesting because it really speaks to what software can enable for an industry like this,” he said. “It’s online right now, but think about what it could mean if it were offline.”

Read more about Form here

[Photo: Walker & Company Brands]