Things are only getting worse for Justin Caldbeck

A former employee, Ann Lai, lobbed a slew of complaints against both Binary Capital and cofounder Justin Caldbeck in a suit filed yesterday. Lai, who was a principal at Binary and resigned last year, claimed Caldbeck said “she would never work again” when she announced she was quitting. She also said there was a pattern of sexist behavior at Binary, presumably not just from Caldbeck. From Bloomberg

Lai left Binary because of its “sexist and sexual environment,” including inappropriate conduct with female staff at company outings, a female-specific dress code and statements about the attractiveness of Lai and other women such as startup founders, according to the lawsuit.

Lai, who said she complained about this misconduct, felt extra pressure once she told Caldbeck she wanted to quit on May 10, 2016. “If you want to leave Binary, I’ll make it happen and make sure you have no narrative,” he told her, according to the complaint, filed Wednesday. He added that if she left, “she would never work again.” She resigned on May 13, 2016, citing a hostile work environment.

Caldbeck reportedly kept contacting Lai after she left Binary, pressuring her to stay quiet and even warning her not to speak with The Information, which initially broke the news about the sexual harassment allegations against Caldbeck. 

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