Oh, bébé: The Juicero of baby food is here

Gerber may have been good enough for our mom and dad, but these days, parents want their precious little angels to have dragon fruit, kale, and quinoa. However, just because you want your future entrepreneur eating spirulina and flax doesn’t mean you necessarily have time to whip up wholesome baby food in your kitchen between all that Blue Apron you’re cooking up. That’s where companies like Raised Real and Yumi come in

Yumi is the new Los Angeles-based startup that delivers fresh, organic, low-sugar, plant-based, allergen- and gluten-free wholesome baby food in virtually waste-free, compostable and recyclable containers to the doorsteps of organic parents for $45-$85 a week. The nutrient-balanced meals were created by chefs and sound like they are straight off the shelves of Moon Juice, with options like blueberry chia seed pudding mixed with quinoa, dates, and wheat germ oil, or puréed squash and kale with spirulina, nutritional yeast, flax, and probably good vibes. 

Raised Real, which earned a million-dollar investment from Schwan Food Company, has a similar healthy baby food-delivery service, albeit with a Juicero-like twist. The company sells a $99 Meal Maker, a gizmo that steams and purees—much like the Beaba Babycook and other devices that have been on the market for years. 

Read more about these startups here, while meditating in your yoga pants made of coffee grounds and filling your day with good intentions.[Photo: Raised Real]