Here’s why 2007 was the most amazing year—and it’s not just the iPhone

Well, you probably already heard that the iPhone went on sale 10 years ago today. If you think back on those marvelous, magical days of 2007, then you’ll recall the unprecedented mania that surrounded the release of Apple‘s transformative device. Our Harry McCracken wrote today about how we’re not likely to see an equivalent phenomenon anytime soon

But in fact, 2007 was peppered with tech-related milestones. In March, you had Twitter‘s big coming-out party at SXSW. In October, two young hopefuls named Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia came up with a crazy idea to rent out “air beds” in their San Francisco pad. And in November, Amazon debuted some e-reader thing called the Kindle. Oh, and this is not tech-related, but Time magazine closed out the year in December with a cover story about some up-and-coming politico named Barack Obama (which was actually a real cover).

So there you have it. Pretty amazing year. And by the way, I fully plan to write a Broadway musical about this, so let this post stand as my official announcement. 

[Photo: Egor Khomiakov]