London’s Heathrow airport is opening a full-scale fitness studio, so you’ll finally be able to take that preflight yoga class

Now you can do more than buy magazines and Toblerone before your flight. On Wednesday, London’s Heathrow announced what it says is the very first wellness and fitness studio located in an airport. Travelers will be able to sweat it out solo or join instructor-led cardio, strength, or yoga classes. They will also be able to rent workout clothing, shower, and pick up a few healthy food options before their journey. The space, produced in conjunction with U.S.-based FlyFit, will be in Terminal 2, which sees 16 million passengers each year and hosts over 25 airlines.

“We are creating a space for fitness and community that has previously been lacking in airports,” says CMO and founder Lauren Perkins in a press statement.

Wellness spaces are growing within airports. San Francisco International and Dallas-Fort Worth International are two of several airports that feature meditation/yoga rooms. A few airports—such as Dubai and Toronto’s Pearson International—feature fitness lounges with equipment like treadmills. FlyFit, however, seems to be the very first full-scale fitness center offering services and amenities in line with traditional gym franchises.

Heathrow’s studio opens this fall.