Your Creative Calendar: 77 Things To See, Hear, And Read This June

Get ready to welcome back Tupac and the women prisoners of Litchfield, say hello to Halsey, see Oliver Stone interview Vladimir Putin, and much more.

Your Creative Calendar: 77 Things To See, Hear, And Read This June

It used to be summer TV was a dry gulch of reruns and unwatchable eye-garbage, leaving movies to reign supreme over the season. Not anymore! Now, even with most network shows on creatively regenerative hiatus, there’s still roughly 1 billion other outlets carefully curating video content solid enough to compete with fall season primetime, or run right over it. While Netflix continues its Goliath-like foray into original programming–have you caught up with Master of None AND House of Cards yet?–digital competition from Hulu and Amazon is getting steeper, and old standbys on network and cable are stepping up their summer game, too. Good thing the movies in June uniformly suck, otherwise we’d never get outside to feel the wind on our sun-reddened faces. Oh wait, those movies are awesome. Never mind. Prepare to plot your entertainment month with Fast Company‘s guide to all the daylight-stealing movies, books, and albums, etc., sure to leave so many kites un-flown this month. And speaking of books, the author of this post has one coming out in June as well. Just sayin’.


Movies In Theaters

Movies To Watch At Home

Albums You Should Hear

Things To Watch On Your TV Or Computer

Books To Read

  • I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons by Kevin Hart, out on June 6.
  • Camino Island: A Novel by John Grisham, out on June 6.
  • The Last Kid Left by Rosecrans Baldwin, out on June 6.
  • The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand, out on June 13.
  • Away with Words by Joe Berkowitz, out on June 13.
  • The Accomplished Guest by Ann Beattie, out on June 13.
  • Hunger by Roxane Gay, out on June 13.

[Photo Mash Up: Adriana C. Sánchez for Fast Company; Source Photos: Wonder Woman: Clay Enos, courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.; The House: Glen Wilson, courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures; All Eyez On Me: Quantrell Colbert; OKJA: Barry Wetcher, courtesy of Netflix; Orange Is The New Black: JoJo Whilden, courtesy of Netflix; I’m Dying Up Here: Justina Mintz, courtesy of Showtime; Glow: Erica Parise, courtesy of Netflix]