That’ll be $700,000 to open a restaurant in San Francisco

At one point or another, most people have probably at least flirted with the idea of opening up some kind of eatery, but not many of us have sat down to consider what it would actually cost. That’s why Eater shadowed one man’s two-year journey of opening his own omakase restaurant in the Bay Area. Here’s what it cost from the inception of the idea to opening day:


• Consulting: $25,000

• Rent and utilities: $84,269

• Architecture: $34,500

• Permits: $22,100

• Construction, kitchen design, and equipment: $298,800

• Furniture and equipment: $37,585

• Design, artwork, and smallwares: $59,953

• Branding and public relations: $23,900

• Labor and fees: $38,988

• Opening food and alcohol: $26,000

• Contingency: $50,000

• TOTAL: $701,095