Broadway has a wage-gap problem, too

For the first time ever, the Actors’ Equity Association has released a diversity report. It details the salaries that theater workers have received for Broadway, Off Broadway, and nationally touring shows, as well as statistics about job demographics. The findings, unfortunately, keep with the broader labor narratives facing the United States. 

The big take-home: There are fewer job opportunities and lower salaries for women and people of color. The study showed that men “have higher contractual salaries in both principal in a musical and chorus contracts,” writes Playbill. Similarly, white actors had higher contractual salaries than people of color. African-Americans, specifically, made 10% less than white people.

So while industries like tech that (rightfully) see headlines discussing poor diversity showings and wage gaps, it continues to be a problem virtually everywhere. 

[Photo: Hailey Kean]