Oracle, Yelp, and others have signed a letter of support for the EU’s imminent $1.2 billion anticompetitive fine against Google

Other signatories of the letter include News Corp, Disconnect, Getty Images, and News Media Alliance, reports Recode. The seven companies issued the letter ahead of the EU’s actions, which is expected to fine Google this week for its alleged anticompetitive practices relating to its Google Shopping service, which aggregates prices and deals for products from around the web. The EU has been investigating whether or not Google favored its own shopping service in search results over others. If the fine is levied against Google, it will be the largest competition fine in EU history. The letter in full:

Dear Commissioner Vestager,
We represent U.S. companies that employ hundreds of thousands of workers across 50 states. We are writing to express our support for the Commission’s enforcement action against Google.

As you near final decisions in the Shopping and Android cases, Google and its allies will no doubt continue to press through its lobbying and public relations machine the fiction that any adverse decision amounts to European “protectionism.” As U.S.-based companies, we wish to go on record that enforcement action against Google is necessary and appropriate, not provincial. We have watched Google undermine competition in the United States and abroad. Google operates on a global scale and across the entire online ecosystem, destroying jobs and stifling innovation.

Google and its allies may also claim that there is no factual basis for a decision against Google. That too is untrue. The case against Google, both in Europe and the United States, rests on sound legal and factual foundations. Indeed, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission legal staff found that Google has monopoly power and that it engages in anticompetitive practices.

We believe that decisive action is necessary to restore competition and once again open the internet to innovation and growth. We hope that your counterparts in the United States will use this as an opportunity to address similar anticompetitive conduct by Google.

Disconnect Inc.
Getty Images Inc.
News Corporation
News Media Alliance
Oracle Corporation
Yelp Inc.