Attention iPad fans: iOS 11 is now an extremely tempting public beta

Earlier this month at Apple‘s WWDC keynote, one of the biggest pieces of news was the seriously ambitious new features Apple is building into iOS 11, especially for iPad users. The software isn’t set to ship until the fall, but Apple has now released the first public beta—a test version that anyone can install on an iPad (or iPhone).

The usual caveats apply: Beta software is buggy by definition and will likely break some third-party apps (even ones that will work fine by the time of iOS 11’s official release). But it’s unusual for any upcoming operating system to offer as many temptations to throw caution to the wind as this one does. Here’s Mashable‘s Lance Ulanoff on the major additions, which include more advanced multitasking and a new file manager.

Me, I’m about to take the plunge—knowing that I have a backup that will, in the case of emergency, allow me to return (relunctantly) to iOS 10.