Google now hides your private medical records from search results

The search giant added “confidential, personal medical records of private people” to the list of information it removes from search results, the company noted on its removal policies page. Though it’s not common for medical practices or insurers to upload your medical records to the internet for all to see, sometimes records do get uploaded inadvertently or via hacks.

Today’s move by Google should make it harder for people to browse your health history should the above have happened to you. Google’s full list of information they now may remove from search results include:

• National identification numbers like U.S. social security numbers, Argentinean single tax identification numbers, Korean resident registration numbers, Chinese resident identity cards, etc.

• Bank account numbers

• Credit card numbers

• Images of signatures

• Nude or sexually explicit images that were uploaded or shared without your consent

• Confidential, personal medical records of private people MG