Can the Drybar model be replicated with makeup? 

Until Drybar came along, nobody imagined they would spend $50 at a salon to have their hair styled. No cut, no color, just blow-dried. But these days, Drybar is growing rapidly around the country. 

New York-based salon Joli Beauty Bar is testing out a model in which women stop in and pay between $35 and $60 to have their makeup done. They’ve discovered that many women feel more confident knowing that a professional artist has worked on their face. “We have women who come in here before an interview or a date,” says Zsuzsi Evans, founder and CEO. “Some women come as a group, just for fun, with nowhere in particular to go.”

So far, it hasn’t taken much to convince women that this service is worth the money. The company’s founders are now planning to expand in New York, and the rest of the country. 

[Images via Joli Beauty Bar]ES