Bored kids and their desperate parents are the biggest fans of smart speakers: study

If you’re wondering who is getting the most out of smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home, turns out it’s the future tech CEOs of America, aka our net-native children. A new study from NPR and Edison Research reveals that nearly 90% of children who have one say they enjoy smart speakers, and eight in 10 parents say these devices have made it easier to entertain their children. Some 57% of smart speaker owners with kids at home said that one of the reasons they bought a smart speaker was to entertain children. (Library cards are free, kids!) 

The Smart Audio Report was based upon a national online survey of 1,620 Americans ages 18 and over, 800 of whom owned at least one Smart Speaker. Other interesting findings were that use of the speaker grows over time—nearly half say they are using the speaker more now than in the first month they owned it. Proving that you should not give up on the Alexa your uncle bought your for Christmas yet. In fact, people liked smart speakers so much that 44% of owners expect to purchase another one and that goes up to over half (56%) among parents. The majority (65%) said that that “they would not want to go back to their lives before getting one of these devices,” and 42% calling their devices “essential” to their everyday lives. 

The researchers will present their findings in a webinar on June 28. More on that here.  
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