Sprout Social wants to make it easier for brands to build their own Twitter bots

For better or worse, Sprout Social wants to make it easier to make Twitter bots. Today, the social analytics company launched its new Bot Builder platform, which is aimed at helping social media users, customer service reps, or engagement teams create their own Twitter bots for conversations in Direct Messages. DM bots have become the latest way for brands to target with and engage Twitter users. Twitter rolled out new features last week that make it easier for bots to sell products, share links, or carry on conversations on the site. 

Like other bot makers, Bot Builder on Sprout Social aims to help people with no coding experience or technical knowledge create functional bots within a matter of minutes, all for the low low price of $249 a month. But when it comes to making Twitter bots, please use your powers for good and follow the examples of bots like the exhaustingly always appropriate @infinite_scream

Or the endearingly odd @MagicRealismBot (that may be penned by Milan Kundera)

Or even aggravate friends, enemies, and Branston Pickle with the likes of grammar stickler @_grammar_