Muslim-American Cannes Lions juror has accused French police of harassment at Nice Airport

Journalist and activist Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, who runs, has accused French police of harassment, after she says she was forced to remove her head scarf at the Nice Airport. She’s in France as a jury member for Cannes Lions, the marketing and advertising world’s biggest festival and awards event.

In a Facebook post from June 16, Al-Khatahtbeh writes that even though it is not the law to remove a head scarf that doesn’t cover the face, the police were rude and violated her rights by insisting she remove it. According to Adweek, she has obtained a lawyer in France and is filing legal action.  

She posted the response of the France ambassador to the U.S. on Twitter. Gérard Araud tweeted, “Like in any country, this lady should go to the court where she will provide the necessary evidence.”

Ironically, Al-Khatahtbeh is at Cannes Lions to judge the Glass Lion award, which recognizes advertising and marketing work that implicitly or explicitly addresses issues of gender inequality or prejudice.