The four new ways Google plans to tackle extremism on YouTube

Kent Walker, Google‘s senior vice-president and general counsel, wrote an editorial for the Financial Times laying out Google’s four-point plan to tackle extremist videos posted on YouTube:

1. Devoting more engineering resources to apply the company’s most advanced machine learning research to help more quickly identify and remove extremist videos.

2. Greatly increase the number of human independent experts in YouTube’s Trusted Flagger program, which helps decide if a video is extremist content or newsworthy free speech.

3. A tougher stance on videos that don’t clearly violate YouTube policies yet still contain inflammatory religious or supremacist content. Now, these videos will appear behind a warning and will not be eligible for monetization, comments, or user endorsements.

4. YouTube will expand its counter-radicalization efforts by increasing the implementation of its “redirect method” across Europe. The method shows targeted online ads to potential Isis recruits and then redirects them toward anti-terrorist videos that try to dissuade them from joining. MG