An increasing chorus of analysts predicts new lasers in the iPhone 8 for augmented reality apps

As we’ve written, new iPhones will soon likely feature new sensors and lasers to better support the augmented reality experiences created using Apple’s new ARKit development tools. Some new analysis from Loup Ventures says Finisar will provide VCSEL lasers for the new iPhone 8 that will help AR apps detect depth of field. Fast Company reported earlier this year that Lumentum would supply at least some of the lasers. Another supplier, II-VI, has also been mentioned. 

What seems clear is that somebody will provide new hardware components that will help the iPhone 8 create better AR experiences. Right now, AR created with ARKit will run on any iPhone with an A9 chip or higher, and many of those phones have but a single camera lens–not ideal for AR. From the Loup Ventures brief: 

Apple is putting the hammer down in AR. The company already has more than 100m AR-enabled iPhones (iPhone 7) in use today, and all versions of the next iPhone will be AR-enabled. Incorporating these high-end VCSEL lasers into the iPhone will enrich the augmented reality experience. 

Hat tip: Axios