From Googlers’ Management Tips To Salary Talk: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week’s top stories share what to ask recruiters at Amazon and Spotify, how to negotiate a higher salary, and one Googler’s tips for new managers.

From Googlers’ Management Tips To Salary Talk: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week we learned what questions recruiters at Amazon and Spotify wish candidates asked them more often, what you need to say in every type of salary negotiation, and a few lessons one Googler has picked up in her first few months as a manager.


These are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of April 16:

1. Five Things I’ve Learned As A New Manager At Google

Nine months ago, Amber Yust became a manager for a team of privacy engineers at Google. Like anyone stepping into a new role, there were aspects of her job that she didn’t anticipate. This week she shared how she discovered, among other things, how to be more than just a “crap umbrella” for her direct reports.

2. The 7 Questions Recruiters At Companies Like Amazon And Spotify Wish You Would Ask

Job interviews are unpredictable. But often you can count on the hiring manager wrapping up with, “So do you have any questions for us?” What you say from this point on is just as important as the answers you give beforehand. Fast Company spoke to hiring managers at employers like Amazon and Spotify to find which questions they love being asked, and how posing them the right way can show off your skills, personality, and priorities.


3. Six Job Interview Questions You Should Have Asked (Much Earlier)

While questions at the end of your interview are important, you should also be thinking about weaving them throughout your interview. This way it feels more like a genuine conversation where you and the interviewer can both learn about each other. Plus, getting in your questions earlier can help you get more insightful answers out of the hiring manager. Here are six questions you might want to bring up sooner rather than later, and where to slide them in.

4. Exactly What To Say In These Four Common Salary Conversations

There are many awkward things in life, and conversations about salary are one of them. Striking the right tone, using the right medium, and nailing your delivery can prove decisive. Here’s a handy guide for what to say (or write) before any type of salary discussion—from how to make a savvy counteroffer to asking for a raise.

5. The Only Five Recruiter Emails Your Job Search Will Ever Need

It always feels good when recruiters are coming to you for job opportunities. But when you’re planning to stay put or aren’t sure if it’s the right opportunity, knowing how to respond can be tricky. To help, here are five templates you can use, whether you’re looking to stay in your current job, jump ship, or haven’t made your mind up either way just yet.