Your Favorite ’80s Jams Have Become Old School Stephen King Book Covers

Part of the reason Stranger Things hit Netflix like an atom bomb last year is because it was an aggressive assault of 1980s nostalgia. Homages to John Carpenter and Steven Spielberg lay just around every spooky corner. Perhaps the most specific nod the show made to that era, however, was the big blocky title font, reminiscent of the classic book covers that adorned the works of one Mr. Stephen King. Those old school covers now appear to be in full-on revival mode, with a new pop culture project that sets them to music.

Created by graphic artist Butcher Billy, a new image series juxtaposes some of the best jams ever danced to in a pastel jacket, with book covers heavily indebted to the King oeuvre. Reagan-era song titles like “Every Breath You Take” and “Careless Whisper,” which may have never before seemed like the stuff of nightmares, are suddenly transformed into vessels for one’s deepest fears. The images on each cover correspond with some as-yet untold fictional inspired by the title. (The one for “How Deep Is Your Love,” for instance, seems to be about someone either buried alive, or resurrected. Which is it?!?!?)

To tie the whole package together, Butcher Billy includes a lyric from each song as a tagline on the lower half of the cover. Okay, sure, “Guilty feet have got no rhythm,” may not sound like a horror show to some, but to the mediocre dancers amongst us, it’s blood-curdlingly familiar.

Have a look at more images from the series above.

[via DesignTAXI]JB