Facebook bug allegedly revealed employee details to suspected terrorists

Facebook’s content moderation system allegedly had a huge bug in it last year, which inadvertently revealed personal details about the company’s content moderators to the very groups those moderators were trying to keep tabs on, reports the Guardian. This bug reportedly affected over 1,000 workers—including over 40 moderators in the counterterrorism unit. 

The alleged bug caused covert moderators’ personal profiles to appear in the activity log of groups in which administrators were being investigated for violating the platform’s terms of service.  Some Facebook content moderators became so frightened that they went into hiding for fear of retaliation.

Worse, while Facebook reportedly launched an investigation into the bug, it took over a month for the problem to be fixed. The Guardian reports that many moderators still feel their lives are in peril because of this issue.

You can read the full report hereCGW