Oregon becomes first state to give people a non-binary gender option on drivers license

Beginning July 1, Oregon residents will be able to choose male, female, or X on their driver licenses and identification cards.

The rule change, made by a decision of the Oregon Transportation Commission on Thursday, makes Oregon the first U.S. state to allow residents to identify as “nonbinary,” neither male nor female, on their state-issued identification. 

“I hope those who will use X as an identifier will feel an element of comfort moving forward,” Commissioner Sean O’Hollaren told The Oregonian. “It’s something we’re not only doing because legally our hand is forced. It’s something we should do because it’s the right thing to do.”

According to The Oregonian, the rule change came in the wake of a 2016 judicial decision that allowed a Portland army veteran to legally identify as neither male nor female, which may have been the first such ruling in the U.S.

 [Source illustration: chaluk/iStock]ML