Let’s talk about the link between toxic masculinity and gun violence

Information about the identity of the man who shot Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise and four others at a congressional baseball practice continues to come to light. While the most attention will be paid to partisan elements like the fact that the gunman had volunteered with Bernie Sanders’s campaign, there is one element of the shooter’s life that should get more attention. Court documents from 2006 reveal that he had a history of domestic violence

This is a commonality with many acts of mass violence

– One of the shooters in 2015’s mass shooting in San Bernardino reportedly grew up in a home affected by domestic violence.

– The man who killed five people at Fort Lauderdale Airport earlier this year had previously been accused of attempting to strangle his girlfriend.

– The Pulse Orlando shooter who killed 49 people last year also had a history of domestic violence.

George Zimmerman has had several domestic violence arrests. 

Every time a high-profile shooting happens in the United States, there is talk about mental health, or gun control, or terrorism, but rarely is there a discussion about the toxic masculinity that goes unchecked in these men.  KD