My Favorite Bookmarks – Mike Smith

Who: Founder and CEO of
Surfing Manifesto: I always look for Web sites that are either incredibly useful or just plain cool.


Babel Fish

A unique online resource that offers a free written-translation service, which is great for translating family letters and documents.

Iwo Jima

If any event deserves its own Web site, it’s Iwo Jima. And this site is not just for World War II buffs.

Library of Congress

I’ve used this site to track down images of historic buildings and early models of airplanes.

Lives, the Biography Resource

This site is an amazing collection of links to biographies and autobiographies of the famous and even the not-so-famous, past and present.

Rand McNally

What a great way to plan a trip. This site provides directions, restaurant information, and even golf-course locations from coast to coast.