Hold on to your meatballs: Ikea is now available on Amazon

Update: According to Ikea, the Ikea products available on Amazon were not placed there by Ikea. Rather, they are sold via third-party resellers. Although according to Reuters, Ikea’s CEO said the company would consider selling its items on other platforms, there’s no partnership between Ikea and Amazon. Here’s a statement from Ikea via Co.Design

At IKEA we are curious and want to explore new areas and get new insights on how to reach and serve more of the many people. One part of that is that we are open to the idea of piloting and testing making IKEA products accessible through other online platforms than our own.
And our main focus remains of course with our existing sales channels, including and stores, where a lot of exciting development is going on. 

*Cue movie trailer voice* Imagine a world where you could purchase an Ikea bookcase, lightbulb, or even their trademark blue bags without ever stepping foot in an actual Ikea. Well, that world is here: Ikea products are now available on Amazon.

Now you can have all of Ikea’s sleek, Scandinavian-chic products without ruining your relationship or your Saturday. Use all your newfound free time to come up with your own recipe for Swedish meatballs, because while you can buy Ikea’s meatball sauce on Amazon, the meatballs themselves still require a trip to the giant blue box. It’s the only way to ensure that people still have to come to an actual Ikea on occasion.

[Photo: TonyBaggett/iStock]ML